Standing out from the crowd - getting your online profile noticed

Great, you’ve followed our advice from part one on getting started and building your online presence, but how do you make sure your profile is the one that stands out and catches the attention of recruiters?

 We’ve put together some expert tips to help you fine-tune your profile so it powerfully communicates your key skills and strengths:

 1. Update your LinkedIn profile and make it current

Think how much time and effort went into writing your CV to make sure it stands out, you need to take time doing the same to your LinkedIn profile.   It needs to reflect your latest roles, responsibilities and achievements.

 2.Perfect the summary section

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile is key – it’s the equivalent of an elevator pitch about yourself. Don’t be scared to sell yourself, be specific, highlight your proven track record and any results you have achieved.

 3. Use headlines and job titles carefully

It is vital you include headlines and job titles with the relevant key words as these carry the most weight in LinkedIn’s indexing process.  Recruiters will search according to job title. If you are not sure which key words to use, then look at job adverts for the job you want or profiles of people who already do your dream job.

 4. Make the most of the website links

Make sure the website link from your LinkedIn or Facebook page goes through to the relevant page of your website which best markets you or the services or products you offer. You can also use the LinkedIn status to highlight the different parts of your business you wish to promote.

 You should now be able to complete the finishing touches to your online profile and be all set to start job searching.  Part three of our blog continues on Monday when we will focus on LinkedIn in particular and the different ways it can be used to help find your dream role.

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