The Business of Writing

Former coaching client, Chené Koscielny tells Inspired Mums how her life-long passion for writing and desire to be her own boss inspired her to leave the world of journalism to set up her own..

The power of networking - building your personal brand with LinkedIn

Networking can often seem intimidating at first, deciding who to contact and how can feel overwhelming.  Social media and LinkedIn provide an easy, accessible and effective way to extend your n..

Focusing on LinkedIn - creating a more targeted job search

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Social Media / LinkedIn - an indispensable tool in your creative job search

Part One Getting the basics right – how to build a successful online profile  With 80% of jobs never actually advertised and an increasingly competitive marketplace, networking is playi..

How do you get a great job when 80% of jobs are never advertised?

Are you spending hours searching the internet for jobs only to find there’s nothing out there that fulfils your ambition or fits into your lifestyle? Do you feel that the minute you put &lsquo..