For mums stuck in a rut - 8 Steps to finding work you love

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Wheel of Life

A practical tool to help you consider each area of your life so you can gain a greater sense of balance and fulfilment.

DISC personality profile

DISC profiling is the ultimate self-awareness tool that provides individuals with a detailed analysis of their personal behavioural style at work. See DISC page for more details.
Download sample DISC report.

Price: £35.00

Get motivated!

A programme to help you achieve your life goals.
It includes 6 parts:

How to get motivated about life - what must you do.
Finding something to get you up early and keep you up late.
Stop procrastinating - how to take action.
Take control of your life.
What do you want to be in life?
How to live the life you want - it's all down to your mind!

Price: £25.00

Confidence diary

A 10 minute exercise to help you feel more positive and confident.

Time Management Exercise

Use this tool to evaluate how you currently spend your time and what changes you'd like to make.

Evaluate your life

Use this tool to work out if you need a coach and what areas of your life you'd like to improve.