Inspiring Individual - Mary Lord

Mary Lord, founder of Squidge and Pip and a former coaching client of Inspired Mums, tells us how the birth of her second son who was born with a cleft lip and palate, inspired her to start her ow..

Inspiring Individual - Amanda Seabrook

Amanda Seabrook, founder of Workpond, tells Inspired Mums how her passion for helping people work flexibly inspired her to create a new concept in employment, a marketplace for flexible ..

Inspiring Individual - Lindsey Fish

Lindsey Fish, founder of the Mums Enterprise Roadshow, tells Inspired Mums how the career conundrum she faced at the end of her maternity leave inspired her to run an event offering advice, support ..

Inspiring Individual - Sally Smy

Sally Smy, founder of Queen Bee Styling, tells Inspired Mum how having her own "beige" moment after the birth of her first child gave her the inspiration to start her own business helping mums get..

Wise Words - Inspring Individual Charlotte Reed

Charlotte Reed, author of “May the Thoughts Be with You” – a collection of positive and inspirational thoughts and drawings – tells Inspired Mums how battling depression an..

Inspiring Individual - Annabel Karmel

In the second part of our interview with the inspirational Annabel Karmel, Annabel shares her top tips and inspiring story to help other mums transform their passion into a thriving business and bec..

How to make the leap to freelance and find freedom & fulfilment

In part two of our inspiring individual’s interview with Hannah Martin, Co-founder of The Talented Ladies Club, Hannah shares her top tips on how to become a successful freelancer.   ..

A Very Talented Lady

As part of our series of interviews with Inspiring Individuals, Hannah Martin, Co-founder of The Talented Ladies Club, tells Inspired Mums about the freedom she discovered when she decided to work f..

Inspiring Individuals - Sarah and Nicola the mums behind Chiltern Chatter

Sarah Stigzelius and Nicola Buckley, founders of the community website Chiltern Chatter, talk to Inspired Mums about the joys of working together to build their own business. By following their pass..

A lifelong love of learning

It’s always inspiring to talk to a former client and hear how coaching has helped them change career direction.   With a Ph.d in Astrophysics, Anastasia Pappa began her career in aca..

Inspiring Individual - Louise Webster

Louise Webster, founder of Beyondtheschoolrun, talks to Inspired Mums about her passion for creating a place to inspire, engage and connect people with the working world in the hours available ..

The Business of Writing

Former coaching client, Chené Koscielny tells Inspired Mums how her life-long passion for writing and desire to be her own boss inspired her to leave the world of journalism to set up her own..

Flying high - coaching for success

As we continue our series of interviews with inspiring Individuals, former client Caroline Purdom tells Inspired Mums how our coaching helped her change careers after 19 years in the RAF. Caroline i..

Capturing the moment and finding fulfillment

Tracey McEachran tells Inspired Mums how her creative drive and desire for self-fulfillment led her to seize the opportunity to pursue her passion for photography. This pivotal decision resulted in ..

Accounting for Change: From accountant to mumpreneur

Emma Shah, founder of Willow Information Management, tells Inspired Mums how a career break to look after her young children allowed her to re-evaluate what she wanted to do in life.  With the ..

Inspiring Individuals - from Lawyer to Teacher

How Natasha Baker swapped the boardroom for the classroom Natasha Baker began her career as a corporate lawyer working in mergers and acquisitions in the City. After the birth of her daughter follo..

Inspiring individuals - Lunchbox Doctor

So many Mums I coach have doubts about whether they really can make a living doing something they love. I always reassure them that it’s not only possible but also more rewarding to be passion..