Spring ahead and land your dream job

Successful strategies for a creative job search

 As the cold weather finally comes to an end, it feels as if Spring has arrived at last, with its promise of new beginnings. So it’s not surprising that many of you choose this season to kick start your search for your dream job. Throughout April and May, Inspired Mums will help you with your creative job search by providing advice and expertise on how best to find and secure a job that inspires and motivates you.

 One of the best ways to find jobs, especially flexible ones suited to family life, is by making use of your personal network and business contacts. Whilst nothing can replace the value of meeting people face to face or talking to them on the phone, Social Media and especially LinkedIn has become an increasingly powerful and effective tool for networking. And with 97% of recruitment professionals saying they proactively use LinkedIn for finding talent*, ignoring it is no longer an option!

 Look out tomorrow for the start of our special four part blog focusing on Social Media and LinkedIn and learn how they can help you find your dream job…

 * 2012 study by Bulhorn

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