So you want to be a mumpreneur?

Mum  baby (3).jpg“Mumpreneur” a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children

With the word “Mumpreneur” now in the Collins English Dictionary and almost 300,000 mums in the UK running their own businesses and boosting the economy, it’s not surprising that so many of us dream of working for ourselves.

 Being your own boss

 The rising cost of childcare and the struggling economy has made the idea of being your own boss even more appealing.  We all long for the flexibility and freedom that comes with working for ourselves and setting our own deadlines and workloads. But don’t be fooled, starting a business from home is not the easy option and comes with its own challenges.

 Drive, determination and passion

 You need enormous enthusiasm, resilience and determination to work for yourself.  Being able to overcome setbacks and rejection is key, so is managing the “loneliness” of working from home rather than in the hustle and bustle of an office. Be passionate about what you do  - this will tide you through the difficult times and make those sacrifices worthwhile.

 Work life balance

 Combining working from home with looking after your children is a key perk of being a Mumpreneur.  Not having to commute to work or pay for childcare can dramatically improve your quality of life but this doesn’t automatically solve your work life balance.  You have to learn to compartmentalise –set specific time aside for work so that when you are with your children you are really “present” and can focus on them.

 Working for yourself and building your own business can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.  Look out for our blog tomorrow with the possibilities and pitfalls to look out for on your journey to becoming a Mumpreneur.

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