The true value of a good working partnership

There’s nothing more motivating than kick-starting the New Year with an exciting project. So I’m delighted to be launching an interactive online career course that I’ve developed in partnership with Hannah from the Talented Ladies Club. We’ve combined our energy, expertise and passion to create a powerful resource to help women find work they love… and it’s prompted me to think about the importance of building enjoyable and successful partnerships when you’re self-employed.

So, what are the secret ingredients for a successful partnership?

A shared vision

Both Hannah and myself have been on a mission for several years to help people – and in particular mums – be the best that they can be and achieve the success they deserve. It’s our shared passion and values that originally brought us together and made us want to continue to help each other in business.

A similar work pace

Never underestimate how important it is to partner with someone who works at a similar pace to you. Hannah and I are both fast paced people – we make decisions quickly, give ourselves time pressure to get things done and don’t get too caught up in the ‘what if this goes wrong’ scenarios. If two people work at a completely different pace to one another it can be stressful and frustrating for both parties.

A like-minded attitude to ££’s

The online career course is untested water for both Hannah and me – so although we have discussed commercial numbers we have taken a relaxed attitude to the number of people that decide to sign up for the course.

An open-minded approach

Being open to new ideas and not defensive about your own work is the key to a successful partnership. Both parties need to be able to give and receive feedback. By taking each other’s comments on board you can adjust and improve your offering. Both Hannah and I recognise that we each have different strengths and areas of expertise and have played to them accordingly. That way, we were able to make our online careers course the very best that it could be.

Partnering with someone else is fantastic way to add real value to your business. So if you have your own business ask yourself – what synergy do I have with other business owners? Who could I partner with that would be mutually beneficial as well as motivating and enjoyable?  

Interested in signing up to our online course? Click here for more information… but don’t delay…there are only 40 spaces and the course will only be available for a limited time!

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