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Lindsey Fish, founder of the Mums Enterprise Roadshow, tells Inspired Mums how the career conundrum she faced at the end of her maternity leave inspired her to run an event offering advice, support and opportunities for ambitious mums.

You clearly have a real passion for event management, tell us about how you discovered this was the right career path for you…

I started my career as an apprentice in an events company more than sixteen years ago, which was fantastic training. Two years later, I applied for a job with a local newspaper where I ran exhibitions for them for four years. I then decided to widen my horizons and move into marketing where I worked for a technology company.

What I love about marketing and events in particular, is the fact you have to roll up your sleeves and get involved with a wide range of tasks. From ferrying boxes around at events to being involved in the advertising and PR. No two days are ever the same and it means you get to meet and work with some great people.

What made you decide to change career and start your own business?

I was working as a marketing manager for a tech company in the City and had moved out to Rickmansworth when I was pregnant. After I’d had my daughter, I started doing the maths and realised that after paying for childcare and the commute, my job really wasn’t feasible. So I decided to research what else I could do nearer to home and started to plan my own business. I wasn’t prepared to give up on working life - I’d soaked up all these skills for 16 years and didn’t want it to go to waste so I set up Little Fish Event Management Ltd.

What was the inspiration behind the Mums Enterprise Roadshow?

It was my own personal experience of starting my business after becoming a mum. I was mixing with a lot of other mums and realised what a real career conundrum it is for women coming to the end of their maternity leave. Should they return to their old role, change career, start their own business of find a more flexible employer? I’d made some great contacts through Little Fish Event Management, so started researching the idea of a local event to help mums in a similar situation. I quickly realised there was a great demand for a resource like the Mums Enterprise Roadshow to provide advice, support and opportunities for ambitious mums. And, of course, I love events and understand how critical face-to-face interaction still is in this digital world.

What do you love most about the work you do?

I get a real sense of achievement out of winning new business. I particularly love working on different projects and meeting new people. Nothing beats that adrenalin rush when an event goes well! 

What’s the most challenging aspect of your work / being your own boss? 

One of the most challenging aspects is working out where to focus your time. My area of expertise is running events – so I try to outsource other areas that don’t play to my strengths so I don’t end up a busy fool. By having a good accountant, a virtual PA, a business consultant and an amazing business partner/Creative Director in Lucy Chaplin who creates and manages our brand, I can concentrate on running the business effectively. I also try whenever possible to grow my business by hiring flexible, highly talented mums and very much plan to build my business with flexible working at its core.

What advice would you give other mums considering starting their own business?

I think a lot of women are held back by a lack of confidence and the fear of failure. So my first piece of advice would be if you have a business idea don’t let fear stand in your way – go for it. My second piece of advice is don’t underestimate the importance of doing your research. You can only really find out if your business has a chance of success through research. And I don’t just mean asking your friends what they think. Always get feedback from strangers, as they’ll give you the bone honest truth, which will help you in the long run.

What are your future plans for your business?

I am making Mums Enterprise a separate limited business and have decided to grow this using crowd-funding. I have also hired a new partner with agency experience (another talented mum!) to help me grow Little Fish Event Management so I’m very excited about what the next few months have in store!


Inspired Mums is very excited to be an exhibitor at The Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Rickmansworth on Thursday 9th June 2016.  This inspirational event is packed with support and opportunities for ambitious mums to retrain, find flexible work or start and grow a business. Book your 2016 ticket today for an introductory price of £35.


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