Focusing on LinkedIn - creating a more targeted job search

Welcome to part three of our blog on the importance of social media in your creative job search.  We are now going to focus on using your established LinkedIn profile to network and actively search for your dream job.

 Spending what seems like hours searching the online job boards but not finding the right opportunity?  Follow our top tips below to use LinkedIn for a more targeted approach to your next role.

 1. Use the advanced jobs search section

When you click on the jobs tab of LinkedIn you will see a range of jobs that have been suggested to you based on your profile.  You should also make use of the advanced jobs search section as it allows you to search for jobs using a range of criteria including location, job title, company or salary.  You can then set up an email alert to notify you when relevant jobs are posted.

 2. Make your LinkedIn profile setting public

You have carefully completed your LinkedIn profile to market yourself so make sure your profile setting is public so more people can gain access to you.  Even if a recruiter doesn’t contact you directly about a job, they are likely to look up your LinkedIn profile before they ask you to interview.

 3.Reach the right people

You can use people in your LinkedIn network to tell you the most relevant person to contact regarding job opportunities. Once you have an interview, use LinkedIn to find out more about the people interviewing you to help with your interview preparation.

 4. Job Seeker premium

Job seeker premium in LinkedIn allows you to directly message people out of your network for a monthly subscription fee. This is a useful way of extending your network and targeting the appropriate person at the relevant company.

 Don’t miss tomorrow’s final blog on Social Media and LinkedIn. We will finish by concentrating on the networking power of LinkedIn and the vital part it plays in expanding those all important business contacts.

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