The story behind Inspired Mums new ebook

For mums stuck in a career rut - 8 steps to finding work you love


Feeling stuck in a career rut is a topic extremely close to my own heart as I completely re-launched my career after having my first son, Alexander, now seven.  My personal experience of being stuck together with my professional insight as a career and confidence coach made it the natural theme for Inspired Mums’ first ebook. And so, “8 steps to finding work your love” was born, packed with inspiring case studies and practical advice to help other mums climb out of their career rut and find work they love.

Like so many people, I ‘fell’ into my first career in commercial sales after university, and then spent the next 10 years climbing the corporate ladder. On paper I seemed to have a very successful career but deep down I knew I was on the wrong path - I was unmotivated and stressed and knew I wasn’t playing to my strengths. It was thanks to a Christmas present from my brother – a voucher for some career coaching sessions – that I had my “light bulb” moment.  The coaching opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me that were fulfilling and offered the flexibility I wanted as a mum. I decided to change career direction and retrained as a coach, founding Inspired Mums in 2006 to help other mums find their own ‘light bulb’ moment.  

The real inspiration for my career and confidence coaching business came from my own mum. She was a working mum who successfully juggled family and work life.  When I was 21 I lost my Mum to cancer when she was only 52 years old. My Dad had just retired after 40 years in the Navy and tragically they never got to enjoy their retirement years together. This has had a huge influence on how I choose to live my life and my passion for helping other mums live their lives to the full. I firmly believe that ‘life is far too short’ to be in a job you don’t enjoy or find stressful. 

I am very proud to have written “8 steps to finding work you love” and hope that it will inspire other mums to follow their passion, identify their transferable skills and discover a career that will give them the sense of fulfillment and flexibility that all mums deserve.

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